Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok, so on the last post, i wrote( more like type...but you get what i mean) that I watched a movie with my friends. That movie was call ' Skyline'. That movie is about aliens sucking human. This is the process of sucking human:
1. 'Look at that pretty blue light!!"
2. Blood nerve thingy starts to expand like its gonna kaboom! ( my version of saying explode)
3. Its either you get suck in, or they stretch out their mushy tentacles thingy and grab you...and then suck you..
4. Inside the alien where you are now sucked in... is mushy,icky and just disgusting... that's where your brain gets torn out from your body and insert into an alien crawly thing...( sorry for the lousy decribing) and function as a battery....or something like that.

Rating for this movie...Bad...
Don't worry, the worst rating is terrible...which is right after bad.
Here's why,
- Makes no sense
-No ending
- And....MAKES NO SENSE...

I mean seriously make no sense...Why did the alien attack, where did the alien come from, why is that guy's brain glowing red when its torn out, why did that prego get special treatment???? Stupid...make no sense....


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