Thursday, November 18, 2010

Malacca :))

Ok ppl..I'm sorry cause it really has been a long time since i last went online but I was really very busy..
So last fri day i went to camp and I guess it was ok..
I got bitten by mosquitoes 28 times !! Achievement!! and I was able to sleep through the bites. lmao guess you know how tired I was.. I woke up a couple of times in the night to play games and the time that was given to me to sleep felt like only half an hour..
I was only there for about two days and i managed to hurt myself and got rid of my walking ability for the next couple of days...
Muscle pain because of Frog jumps around the basketball court..
Currently I can't even sit down properly...
I really am pretty tofu..

So I went back from camp early and went to Malacca..
and omg
I went to  malacca a couple of times before and I guess this was the best time ever :))
No walking around early in the morning to boring old museums...which was a first cause Malacca was like the  museum capital of Malaysia
First day there and we spent our night at the Holiday Inn hotel
No more saving money hotels
And we watch the EMA MTV awards from the TV on the hotel
OK its pretty stupid to go to a place and spend time there watching Tivo but lol it was fun
then we ate ikan bakar and went to Jonker street and it was really neat...
there were really alot of cool stuff there but saving money so I only gotten myself a pair of flip flops
SOorry ppl because I didn't take any pics.., I forgotten to charge and bring the camera...

Ok i know this is getting kind of boring so i'm going to fast forward
went on the Menara Taming Sari
went on a cruise on the Malacca River ( It was like Mini Venice!!)
went SHOPPING (I bought a pair of cool little shorts from Vior that was on sale and mum bought new shirts for her new job which starts today)
I guess that is pretty much all....

Oh ya
and yesterday we went to a book sale/fair thingy and south city
and I bought about 22 books??
anyway they were all RM 5 and it was a great bargain
Just wanna tell you guys about this cool book i bought at the sale called how to raise your parents? and this book about hairstyling..ok i don't have any pics or links but I'm gonna write about them when I finish them in my next post (if I manage to steal the comp), Ok?


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