Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FAQ for this blog!

 Why was it named ChoCoLate YogHurt? Because Xian likes eating chocolate and I like yoghurt!

What is this blog about? Well, it's about everything - fashion,movies,entertainments,tech....so on...

Who are the owner of this blog? Rachel and Xian

What is the main goal of the blog? Is to attract as many people and suscribers as we can.

What will be on the blog in the future? More features will come to the blog if we get more viewers and suscribers.So help us out!!

How can I help support this blog? Easy!! Just tell everyone to read this blog! And don't forget to suscribe!
I have a question to ask, what do I do? You can ask us by e-mailling us with this email address: chocolateyoghurt@gamil.com

I hope i answered most of your questions!!

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