Thursday, November 4, 2010

I want Iphone 4!

I'm dying for one right now! But my dad said if I want one, I'll have to save up for it. But does he know about the reasons why its useless to save money for an iphone for? It's because, if I ever saved enough money for that phone, it'll probably be outdated already, and not only that, when I save until the amount needed, I would never let go of it because its so precious and it takes forever to reach that amount as my allowance per month is like a penny to me. So in my case, I'll never get hold of the mighty Iphone 4 unless I'm rich....which I am certainly NOT!
Just looking at the picture and I'll drool forever!

Droolinng!!!!!!!!! Crying now.....drooling.....crying....I WANT IPHONE 4!!

-Rachel * Sobs*

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