Tuesday, November 23, 2010


hey ppl,
so just wanna tell you guys about the book fair books that i bought?
I haven't finish reading them all but the hair styling thing book? its pretty much basic stuff about how to tease your hair blow dry whatever
then this book, called the hunger games which i bought for RM5 ( i still can't believe how cheap they are lol) was really nice
here's a pic
Hunger games.jpg
 Its actually  a trilogy but I only got the 1st and 2nd book
yeah, I know the cover's kind of simple but its really interesting
24 people thrown into an arena but only one person can come out alive
cool huh??

So my life  is kinda boring right now
Its the holidays and I can't go out..( I wanna go iceskating and do some archery)
I'm suppose to wallpaper my room but I'm like soooo lazy to do it..
somebody help me..
and my room's a big messs

I wanna grow taller..
gosh I'm only about 157 and i'm taller then my mum but 157 is like pretty shortish
I'm drinking milk everyday and it doesn't seem to be working
and since its holidays, I'm lazing around everyday at home and I'm getting fatter and fatter
give me another month of lazing around and I'm going to be as fat as my hamster..

needa work out !!


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