Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Save the dolphins, support sea shepherd!

You guys probably know who the famous Hayden Panettiere is. Well, this babe here is not only an actress, singer and bla bla bla, but she is also a dolphins live saver! She was involved in a confrontation about dolphins hunting between Japanese fishermen and five other surfers from Australia and the United States of the group. The confrontation lasted about ten minutes before Hayden and the other surfers were forced to return to the beach, after which they left the country.Sad. She then joined the Sea Shepherd to try to distrupt the annual dolphin hunt! What a hero( i think she even got an award for that!).

So here I am asking everyone out there to support Sea Shepherd.com in order to save our adorable dolphins!! And the most common way to help out is...DONATING! In Sea Shepherd, you can donate in many ways, through online, mobile,vehicle, mail and many other ways. So PLEASE just get your butt moving and help out!


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