Sunday, October 31, 2010


This blog is about nothing in particular. I, Rachel, will be sharing this blog with my neighbour Xian,which disagree with most of my opinion but we still get along great. She's might not be posting much in this blog since she's got 'a limited time' to use the internet. And currently, Xian is nagging about nonsense next to me. And now she's saying ' just delete that sentence.' This is just our normal boring, absent-minded, lousy, crazy,weird,freaky life.( By the way, Xian just walk past and said 'awesome.' for no great reason....freaky...)

Well, this post is really turning into nonsense. It was suppose to be a welcoming post. So welcome to the blog. Bring in your friends, your boyfriends and your dog (who probably know how to read) and join us on our journey to a epic freankin life...does that make sense? I don't think so....enjoy people!!!!

Dum di dum.... have an nice day...zzZZ