Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Model Ming Xi in Editorial on Vougue China

Ming Xi is such a beautiful model! >.<
And she's like extreamly THIN!!


Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm excited! I finaly GONNA go skating!
I've always wanted to go skating but somehow everytime I made plans to go
with my school friends, it never worked out...
And today, Xian and I plan to go tomorrow.
According to her, I'll have to wake up at 8.oo am!!! O.O
Not my usual time to wake up on holidays but it's worth it! And after that
I have to step foot in her house at 8.30am...
We should arrive at Sunway Pyramid at about 9.00 am!!
I wonder if the ice skating ring is open yet...O.O..
Well that's about it.
 Will take picture tomorrow and post it here...keep an eye peopal!!
Oh and one last thing,
I've been addicted to this emotion thing = O.O
It CUTE! >.<

 When I was in F2, I had three best friends..
we were reallly great
then when we went up to F3, we sort of broke up
not because we wanted to,
because we sort of went out of topics to speak about

I was really very sad
but we still remain friends
I stayed pretty much fast friends with each of them
two of them went and got themselves boyfriends and their time was pretty much entertained
but me and the other one were great

then now I just found out that it wasn't really real friendship with her
it was at first but like the others we kinda drifted apart
and we didn't even talk anymore
I'm rambling now

jus because now I'm kinda dissapointed..
anyway I am gonna drop all feelings of friendship with them and go on with

I know my life is pretty much boring and you guys make me happy
but i know we are not fast friends now and I'm sad but theres nobody to blame
I <3 you guys

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


hey ppl,
so just wanna tell you guys about the book fair books that i bought?
I haven't finish reading them all but the hair styling thing book? its pretty much basic stuff about how to tease your hair blow dry whatever
then this book, called the hunger games which i bought for RM5 ( i still can't believe how cheap they are lol) was really nice
here's a pic
Hunger games.jpg
 Its actually  a trilogy but I only got the 1st and 2nd book
yeah, I know the cover's kind of simple but its really interesting
24 people thrown into an arena but only one person can come out alive
cool huh??

So my life  is kinda boring right now
Its the holidays and I can't go out..( I wanna go iceskating and do some archery)
I'm suppose to wallpaper my room but I'm like soooo lazy to do it..
somebody help me..
and my room's a big messs

I wanna grow taller..
gosh I'm only about 157 and i'm taller then my mum but 157 is like pretty shortish
I'm drinking milk everyday and it doesn't seem to be working
and since its holidays, I'm lazing around everyday at home and I'm getting fatter and fatter
give me another month of lazing around and I'm going to be as fat as my hamster..

needa work out !!


Monday, November 22, 2010


Today, I found out about this online shop from a video from YouTube and I am very impressed with the variaties of clothing they sell. The shop I'm talking about is the one and only...Karmaloop.com! Now, you get free shipping on orders that are above $25. All you have to do is just use this code: SOFR33. But please be warned...some of Karmaloop.com's products might be a lil' pricey than expected...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Malacca :))

Ok ppl..I'm sorry cause it really has been a long time since i last went online but I was really very busy..
So last fri day i went to camp and I guess it was ok..
I got bitten by mosquitoes 28 times !! Achievement!! and I was able to sleep through the bites. lmao guess you know how tired I was.. I woke up a couple of times in the night to play games and the time that was given to me to sleep felt like only half an hour..
I was only there for about two days and i managed to hurt myself and got rid of my walking ability for the next couple of days...
Muscle pain because of Frog jumps around the basketball court..
Currently I can't even sit down properly...
I really am pretty tofu..

So I went back from camp early and went to Malacca..
and omg
I went to  malacca a couple of times before and I guess this was the best time ever :))
No walking around early in the morning to boring old museums...which was a first cause Malacca was like the  museum capital of Malaysia
First day there and we spent our night at the Holiday Inn hotel
No more saving money hotels
And we watch the EMA MTV awards from the TV on the hotel
OK its pretty stupid to go to a place and spend time there watching Tivo but lol it was fun
then we ate ikan bakar and went to Jonker street and it was really neat...
there were really alot of cool stuff there but saving money so I only gotten myself a pair of flip flops
SOorry ppl because I didn't take any pics.., I forgotten to charge and bring the camera...

Ok i know this is getting kind of boring so i'm going to fast forward
went on the Menara Taming Sari
went on a cruise on the Malacca River ( It was like Mini Venice!!)
went SHOPPING (I bought a pair of cool little shorts from Vior that was on sale and mum bought new shirts for her new job which starts today)
I guess that is pretty much all....

Oh ya
and yesterday we went to a book sale/fair thingy and south city
and I bought about 22 books??
anyway they were all RM 5 and it was a great bargain
Just wanna tell you guys about this cool book i bought at the sale called how to raise your parents? and this book about hairstyling..ok i don't have any pics or links but I'm gonna write about them when I finish them in my next post (if I manage to steal the comp), Ok?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Malaysian Models!

I absolutely adore these Malaysian Models. Malaysia isn't necessary the greatest nation to have a great start at modeling careers since there ain't many good modeling agencies out there...( there is ALOT of agencies, but not all of them are good...) but these hot babes manage to ignore these facts and move on!

1) Michelle Yeoh!
Chinese Name: 楊紫瓊
Height: 163cm
Weight: 48kg
Michelle Yeoh was born in Ipoh and is now living in Hong Kong and is one of the worlds famous Chinese actress, she even acted in one of the James Bones Movie. Her dream was actually to be a ballerina but that dream was destroyed when she had an accident with her spine...

2) Amber Chia
Chinese Name:谢丽萍
Height:173 cm
Weight : 52kg
Amber , also born in Ipoh began her modeling career at Seventeen Magazine!! She gained exposure after being a finalist in the 2004 Guess WatchesTimeless Beauty Contest, which was a model search for Guess Watch's brand ambassador.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Disgusting but awesome dinner?!

* warning, please prepare a bucket beside you as you might puke. And BTW...chocolateyoughurt.com ( including Xian & me) will not be responsible for any medical problems caused by this post...

I ate....well, i don't exactly know what its called...so here are the ingrediants,
  • mash potatoes that are overcook at some part and under cook on another part...( dues to the different size I cut before microwaving it)
  • too much salt
  • a LOT of butter
  • too much milk
  • tuna
  • too much garlic powder
MIx it all together and thats my dinner...did anyone puke? Its actually kinda tasty...


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok, so on the last post, i wrote( more like type...but you get what i mean) that I watched a movie with my friends. That movie was call ' Skyline'. That movie is about aliens sucking human. This is the process of sucking human:
1. 'Look at that pretty blue light!!"
2. Blood nerve thingy starts to expand like its gonna kaboom! ( my version of saying explode)
3. Its either you get suck in, or they stretch out their mushy tentacles thingy and grab you...and then suck you..
4. Inside the alien where you are now sucked in... is mushy,icky and just disgusting... that's where your brain gets torn out from your body and insert into an alien crawly thing...( sorry for the lousy decribing) and function as a battery....or something like that.

Rating for this movie...Bad...
Don't worry, the worst rating is terrible...which is right after bad.
Here's why,
- Makes no sense
-No ending
- And....MAKES NO SENSE...

I mean it..it seriously make no sense...Why did the alien attack, where did the alien come from, why is that guy's brain glowing red when its torn out, why did that prego get special treatment???? Stupid...make no sense....


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day at Mall

I went out with some of my librarian friends to IOI Mall today...It was meant to be a partay for librarians( i'm one toooo!) and we're suppose to eat at this steamboat/barbique restaurant and go home...but...end up going to movies...which BTW SUCK! and go throw some balls at the bowling centre...which I lost...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Malaysia doesn't even sell this thingy!!!!!!!!!! We're like so outdated here in Malaysia...feels so shameful to know...C'mon Malaysia....why can't you be like US or something!! They get everything first! Even iphone 4 also take so long to get here...my uncle had to buy from a friend from US!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Awesome pictures!

These pics are taken around my housing area. Some are taken with Xian some are taken with my best friend Priscilla.( She's a new character in this blog...i think...) .Some of these pics are actually weeds...but with my semi-pro( not to brag thought ) skills, they are weeds to awesome ....greenies...BTW...the horrible pic taking skill Xian mention bout me before is random...i'm not in a pic taking mood...sorta...




Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby freeze is HARD!!!!

Ok, so one day, my friend in school came and ask me " hey,Rachel, do you know how to do baby freeze?"
And I was like..." What is baby freeze?!"....I know I know...I pretty lame not to know that..but hey..C'mon..
So turns out..Its a breakdancing move. It looks kinda easy, but SERIOUSLY...ITS HARD!!
I went to Youtube and learn to do it....and..I was SOOOOO LUCKY!!


NOT ME!!!!.....althought I really wish it was....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Check this out

Ok, so I was looking through this other blog (http://www.asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com/) and I found this pic in one of the post.

PEACE sign made from people!!! CoOL... anyways...it's just some random thing's I wanted to share...


Lily Miscarriage!!!

Lily Allen had a miscarriage!!! She lost her little unborn love one...AGAIN!!!!
She had another miscarriage in 2008, thats why I said..AGAIN!!!
This time, our singer lost her love one after carrying it for SIX months, it’s a very sad news for friends,family and fans but mostly sad for her and her unborn baby daddy Sam Cooper.
Lily’s illness has earlier forced her to cancel a performance at Sir Elton John’s charity winter ball that same night....
The doctors tried so desperately to help her, distraught Miss Allen – who in 2008 lost a baby at four months – implored fans via her Twitter site to ‘say a little prayer’.
But the doctor’s magical attempts to save her unborn child failed! A friend of her’s said she was being comforted by her boyfriend of 18 months, Sam, and they seriously hoped that everyone in this universe probably including the UFOs will give them some quiet space for awhile….quite awhile…

Well, I guess all this is Gods decision...but it's still a little unfair thought...don't you think?
Pregnant Lily Allen shows off her bump at the "Tamara Drewe" UK Premiere at Odeon Leicester Square.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Do some free charity!

Charitii.com plays a multiple choice crossword puzzle. The game will present you with a clue and then 4 possible answers. The clue is written in the same format as a typical crossword puzzle, and the answers are possible words that you would be writing into the boxes of a crossword puzzle. As an example, you may see something like:
Tasty sweet treat:
To play, click on the answer that you think is correct for the clue. In the above example, "ICECREAM" best describes a tasty sweet treat, so that would be the correct answer. You will then be taken to the next page, which will tell you whether you were correct in addition to what the correct answer is. You will then be given another puzzle to play. Continue playing to see what level you can reach.
For each answer that you get correct, you will donate towards the charity that you have selected. For example, if you have chosen the water charity, and you get twenty questions correct, you will have donated two hundred ounces of water. It adds up very quickly. The donations are made automatically as you play the game.

Here, you can donate just by clicking a button. You can only click once a day. There's a few categories to choose from: Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, Animal Rescue. Just a click people!!!

C'mon everyone!! Help out a little!!

- Rachel!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi ppl
So i'm backdating you guys about Halloween that i spent this year with Rachel
we were originally given the responsibility to give out sweets this year (ok, I was planning to watch back-to-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother ((I'm turning into a How I Met Your Mother-holic. go check that series out, its really great))) but whoa if you never gave out sweets to little kids dressed up as monsters before, you should really try that cause they really are pretty vicious
But anyway, kids dressed up as monsters are cute :))
So after a while, my aunt who was really tired from walking my cousins around the nieghbourhood came and took that responsibility off our hands and we went treat or tricking with the kids
I went as a devil and Rachel went as a witch?? ( we really weren't planning to wear any costumes because we were pretty old now, just wore a headband / hat)

Anyways, here are some pics that Rachel took on that day:

Its a tad bit blurry (Rachel isn't a good camerawoman)

This is Rachel the witch (I guess)

I want Iphone 4!

I'm dying for one right now! But my dad said if I want one, I'll have to save up for it. But does he know about the reasons why its useless to save money for an iphone for? It's because, if I ever saved enough money for that phone, it'll probably be outdated already, and not only that, when I save until the amount needed, I would never let go of it because its so precious and it takes forever to reach that amount as my allowance per month is like a penny to me. So in my case, I'll never get hold of the mighty Iphone 4 unless I'm rich....which I am certainly NOT!
Just looking at the picture and I'll drool forever!

Droolinng!!!!!!!!! Crying now.....drooling.....crying....I WANT IPHONE 4!!

-Rachel * Sobs*

Enrique Iglesias

Hey hey ppl
Take a peek at new hautie Enrique Iglesias
He's Spanish which i don't know why make him seem hotter :))
lol foriegners seem a looooot hotter  then people in your own country

And anyway he has this new album euphoria
anyway I like his song "I Like It"
check it out at youtube



HI PPL :))
I'm Xian and now you're gonna be part of my crappish life

I have a poodle named Lucky that has a horrible haircut ( I cut it myself and i know that it is absolutely horrible) and an obese hamster by the name of Robyn who doesn't know how to run on a hamster wheel ( what a waste of  $7) but prefers digging in shavings filled with her own pee and poop and she for whatever reason likes sleeping stucked in between a green plastic hamster wheel and a once-blue, rusty and bitten-down metal bars twice its height from the floor (at least the wheel has a little bit of use)

I love chocolate but i always can't get any of it cause my extremely strict and freakish dad is afraid of diabetes ( it runs in the family..cause my grandparents on both side has diabetes but come on I'm still so damn young to have diabetes...)

My whole family is totally frugal (only one laptop in the whole house and everybody only gets a certain amount of time on it per week but for whatever reason this rule doesn't apply to my dad... and no aircond either as well as limited amount of bath time... but i mean come on..we are not like totally living on the street..zzz)

I like reading (a lot)

I can't do a single sit-up :(((ok..i'm not really fat...but i'm not thin as a pin either..let's just say i'm not toned)
We didn't have a TV until I was about 13...and now that we have a TV, it is not Astroed..(that means there is not much choice in programmes)

I have an older brother who is in college (that totally sucks because you get to see him going out and staying out late and you are stucked at home with two hot-tempered humans ((who is my parents)) and an obese hamster and a dog with a horrible haircut)

I had a couple of really best friends until they went out and each gotten guys of thier own :(( no needed explaination for this cause that like totally sucks!!! but i still got other friends but its not as same as your really best friends who horribly went and gotten couples..)

I have totally thickish hair

I hate holidays (cause that means more home time which signifies my crap life like ,who hates holidays??)

I can't go out shopping ( cause of my extremely strict and paranoid dad )

I think thats about all..when I think of anything else I'll post again


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twilight Renesmee Cullen

This nine year old Mackenzie Foy is gonna be Renesmee Cullen!!

BCBG dresses!!

OMG!! They're just gorgeous! And guess what, BCBG is one of Selena Gomez's favourite clothing brands!!