Thursday, November 4, 2010


HI PPL :))
I'm Xian and now you're gonna be part of my crappish life

I have a poodle named Lucky that has a horrible haircut ( I cut it myself and i know that it is absolutely horrible) and an obese hamster by the name of Robyn who doesn't know how to run on a hamster wheel ( what a waste of  $7) but prefers digging in shavings filled with her own pee and poop and she for whatever reason likes sleeping stucked in between a green plastic hamster wheel and a once-blue, rusty and bitten-down metal bars twice its height from the floor (at least the wheel has a little bit of use)

I love chocolate but i always can't get any of it cause my extremely strict and freakish dad is afraid of diabetes ( it runs in the family..cause my grandparents on both side has diabetes but come on I'm still so damn young to have diabetes...)

My whole family is totally frugal (only one laptop in the whole house and everybody only gets a certain amount of time on it per week but for whatever reason this rule doesn't apply to my dad... and no aircond either as well as limited amount of bath time... but i mean come on..we are not like totally living on the street..zzz)

I like reading (a lot)

I can't do a single sit-up :(((ok..i'm not really fat...but i'm not thin as a pin either..let's just say i'm not toned)
We didn't have a TV until I was about 13...and now that we have a TV, it is not Astroed..(that means there is not much choice in programmes)

I have an older brother who is in college (that totally sucks because you get to see him going out and staying out late and you are stucked at home with two hot-tempered humans ((who is my parents)) and an obese hamster and a dog with a horrible haircut)

I had a couple of really best friends until they went out and each gotten guys of thier own :(( no needed explaination for this cause that like totally sucks!!! but i still got other friends but its not as same as your really best friends who horribly went and gotten couples..)

I have totally thickish hair

I hate holidays (cause that means more home time which signifies my crap life like ,who hates holidays??)

I can't go out shopping ( cause of my extremely strict and paranoid dad )

I think thats about all..when I think of anything else I'll post again


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