Monday, November 29, 2010

 When I was in F2, I had three best friends..
we were reallly great
then when we went up to F3, we sort of broke up
not because we wanted to,
because we sort of went out of topics to speak about

I was really very sad
but we still remain friends
I stayed pretty much fast friends with each of them
two of them went and got themselves boyfriends and their time was pretty much entertained
but me and the other one were great

then now I just found out that it wasn't really real friendship with her
it was at first but like the others we kinda drifted apart
and we didn't even talk anymore
I'm rambling now

jus because now I'm kinda dissapointed..
anyway I am gonna drop all feelings of friendship with them and go on with

I know my life is pretty much boring and you guys make me happy
but i know we are not fast friends now and I'm sad but theres nobody to blame
I <3 you guys

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