Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm excited! I finaly GONNA go skating!
I've always wanted to go skating but somehow everytime I made plans to go
with my school friends, it never worked out...
And today, Xian and I plan to go tomorrow.
According to her, I'll have to wake up at 8.oo am!!! O.O
Not my usual time to wake up on holidays but it's worth it! And after that
I have to step foot in her house at 8.30am...
We should arrive at Sunway Pyramid at about 9.00 am!!
I wonder if the ice skating ring is open yet...O.O..
Well that's about it.
 Will take picture tomorrow and post it here...keep an eye peopal!!
Oh and one last thing,
I've been addicted to this emotion thing = O.O
It CUTE! >.<


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