Monday, December 20, 2010


Soooo sorry guys.. sorry rachel
yeah I know..
Lifes really boooring right now, I really dun have much going on..
mom's computer has been taken away so now there isn't even How I Met Your Mother to take the boredom out of the holidays...
so now I spend most of my time sleeping
about 13 hours everyday of sleep..
internet is out of my league...I really have to steal use the computer to even type this post out..
so just gonna update a bit about my life right now..

My results for my PMR exams are coming out this Thursday and if I get 8 As.. new computer for me guys...::))) fingers crossed.. cousins wedding is coming in another month and my mom keeps buying a lot of clothes..and btw I need a leather jacket, one of those black ones with a leather zip? its just that they are usually damn expensive and I am freakingly poor..
I got my hair cut and surprisingly it doesn't look really bad..the stylist gave my hair more layers and she cut my fringe like really short but it looks ok..give it another month to grow out a bit and it will be just nice..she also strighten out my it.. but it sort of makes my face look rounder...maybe at my next haircut I cut my hair like a bob and have a rebonding treatment? sorry guys no pics on my new hairstyle...

Another week and I'll be back at school (yay :D) but I dunno if I still wanna continue with my SPM cause I was thinking of taking O' levels but O'levels are not free here in Malaysia.. you wanna study O' levels you needa pay...every months school fees can pay for a new computer....usually only really rich people here study O' levels.....but SPM is really stupid..everything is in Malay and Malay isn't really my strongest subject...they also make Moral a compulsary subject like...who needs Moral? Its totally stupid...but I dun think mom wanna pay for the O' level fees and I failed the scholarship test ( It was really hard.. nobody I know passed that exam) so hello another two freakingly agonizing year of studying something I dun wan to study cause its stupid..

Christmas is around the corner ( HO HO HO ) and for Christmas, the 'rents are gonna bring us to Penang...:))
Its better than nothing..
In case I never get another chance at the comp, I wanna wish all of you guys
and A happy newww yearr  ::)))

Toodles :))

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