Monday, December 6, 2010

Justin Bieber - Pray

I use to be a big fan of Bieb's songs...but recently...his songs are gettin'....umm... boring...
But when some of my friends from school posted this song on my facebook wall...I was blown away...
This song is now officially my favourite! Every single word in this song sounds so touching!
If I'm a sensitive gurl, I would cry...but I dunno why...i just don't cry when I'm listening to songs...(booo!!)

After listen to this song, I realise how lucky I am...Its not that I never realise that b4, but I just never realise that those kids are in such a horrible state and I was sitting in an air-conditioned room watching Hannah Montana( lol...kidding with the HM part..)!

So I've decided to help them as much as I can. There's a lot of website that offer help to them, but we have to do some kind of puzzle or click something b4 help is on their way. For now, those website will be my support to those kids, but I have a goal... I'm gonna donate 10% of my salary every month to organizations like UNICEF or for animal shelters after I've earn my first million!

That might take quite a while ( the first million part), but I will get there...somehow...I hope...

So I hear by ask everyone out those kids, they're not useless, they just need help to survive! Support them in every way you can!

God Bless!

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