Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello Peopal!

Sorry I haven't been posting much! I was tanning in....BALI! As I have mention before, me and my family went for a 6 days vacation at Bali. And lemme tell was awesome. I have learned how to surf!!! And, like I mention before, we went to a water park...( waterbom park bali) and I desperately wanted to go on this crazy freakin' ride called Climax....but unfortunenatly, I was to light to go on tht ride! I have to be 45 kg to go on that ride, but i'm only 41 kg!!!! Last time, I went to Times Square, I was too short to go on a rollercoaster i'm too light!!! Ugghhh! Other than that, I had pretty much what most people called fun!

I'm sorry this blog is gettin boring, I kinda expected Xian to post something...but it seems shes....hanging out somewhere....XD

Anyways, I'm lazy to upload all the photos again, if you wanna see what I ate, where I went or what I did, go to my personal

oh and let me wish all of you an early Merry Christmas!


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